Atlantic Rebel

an outcross stallion line worth saving

Atlantic Rebel, by Rebel Wind out of the Macdara mare, Quiet Colleen, was born in 1967. Initially he stood in England before being exported to Australia, where he lived most of his life in the Outback. Three male line descendants of his time at stud in England remain from the 44 progeny born from 1971 – 1975. A daughter Lockinge Leonora, was exported to Australia but that line ended, and a son Green Hills Rebel, born 1973 in Australia, was imported in utero. In Australia,Atlantic Rebel was given the opportunity of purebred mares in the twilight of his life and left a few purebred progeny (6 mares and 8 geldings) from 1985-1989.

Reviewing the worldwide stallion list, with the exception of the USA and part of France which are still to be collated, it appears that Atlantic Rebel has only three descendant stallion lines surviving; all are hanging by the finest thread.  Interestingly, all four of the stallions listed below carry no more than one cross of Carna Bobby and and are free of Abbeyleix Owen, Mervyn Kingsmill, Hazy Dawn and Ashfield Sparrow, making them useful outcrosses for many mares.

Rebel Wind-> Atlantic Rebel -> Spinway Corsaire -> Spinway Keepsake

Spinway Keepsake was exported to Austria in 1999 and died there in 2001. His sons are:


Rebel Wind -> Atlantic Rebel ->LanburnLeemoy ->Lanburn Lieutenant

Lanburn Lieutenant, born in 1992, is listed on the British Connemara Pony Society (BCPS) Database and Stallion List as standing in West Sussex but not available to visiting mares. The BCPS database does not list any progeny.

Lanburn Lieutenant has an outcross pedigree for mares carrying the lines over-represented in the Irish population as he only has one line of Carna Bobby and is free of Abbeyleix Owen, Mervyn Kingsmill, Hazy Dawn and Ashfield Sparrow.

Rebel Wind -> Atlantic Rebel ->Green Hills Rebel -> Strickland Park Jo’s Rebel

Strickland Park Jo’s Rebel, born in 1995, stands in Victoria, Australia and is listed on the CPBSA website. His listing on the stallion page links to his photograph. He has several progeny but does not have a stallion son to follow him.

Jo’s Rebel carries 3 lines of Rebel Wind in generations 3, 4 and 4, ClonkeehanAuratum twice in generation 5 and Carna Bobby in generation 3. He has much to offer the Australian population from a genetic diversity perspective as he provides an outcross to the many mares there, which have multiple lines of Carna Bobby.

What you need to know?

  • This line can be saved but it is in a very vulnerable state.
  • This line provides a valuable outcross in each of the countries in which it still survives.
  • This line also offers an outcross to Connemara breeders in most countries.

What Can YOU do to help save this line?

  • All it requires is for a few good progeny to be bred and retained to give the next generation of stallions.
  • If you have a good outcross mare, mating her to one of these stallions can make a real difference to the future of the Connemara Pony worldwide.

One thought on “Atlantic Rebel

  1. The Societies need to become more proactive if they wish to save the rare bloodlines and look into AI, and perhaps a fund so that when an out cross mare has been selected to mate with their stallion that neither party incur a cost, this would encourage both owners involved to breed. Owners of mares need to stop following the leader when it comes to breeding and selecting a Stallion for their Mare.

    I went looking for rare blood stallions this year to find one was exported for years and dead a decade and the other had passed away in the winter.

    We need to create a Database of the mare that carry the rare blood, the data is there we just need to put it together and perhaps photos would help Stallion owners see if a particular mare is suited to their stallion.

    As a sample: i just shared a link of one of my mare, who has Carna Bobby and a number of out cross blood in her, all pedigree is the correct family tree

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