Welcome to this website which is dedicated to providing information about the population genetics of the Connemara Pony.

Mission Statement: To support the International Committee of  Connemara Pony Societies (ICCPS) in their goal to:

  • To develop, promote and preserve the Connemara pony as a distinctive breed, internationally by providing a forum for the exchange of knowledge and information between member societies and breeders.
  • To support the implementation of the ICCPS  mission statement through the identification and conservation of rare breeding lines.

As stated in the Feely report (2003) ‘the results generated from the characterisation of the Connemara Pony population indicate that past breeding practices have caused a significant loss in the breeds’ genetic diversity. To ensure that the genetic variation in the breed does not recede to a detrimental level, breeding policies need to be altered’. ICCPS website 

This group supports the conclusions of the Feely report and the need to preserve the future genetic health of the breed.

By providing information and analysis, the tools will be available to breeders looking to implement long term decisions that will prevent further loss of genetic diversity.

The breed is at a crossroads; the continued overuse of certain stallion lines and the hierarchical registration system used in the stud book is accelerating the loss of genetic diversity.

Here we hope to provide information for people to use.  

We would also like this site to become somewhere people can freely express their points of view about breeding issues.

The internet has freed  us to be able to talk to people across the globe, where before we were all isolated from each by geography.  

Now it is much easier to share information and consequently more difficult to keep important issues hidden.

Let us use this tool wisely and move forward together.